Thursday Afternoon 4 Player “No-Tap” Spring League

Thursdays at 1:00 pm (warm up at 12:45 pm)

April 27th to June 22nd / 2023

-This league is shorter than our Tuesday afternoon spring league and we have openings for everyone! Enter by yourself or form your own team! No experience necessary!

-Team handicaps will be based on 100% of the difference between combined averages and 800.

-If team averages exceed 800 a minus handicap will be used.

-3 games will be bowled each week.

-Spares and pre-bowling will be allowed. (maximum of 3 pre-bowls)

-$10.00 per person registration fee. (all goes to prize money)

-Weekly fees: $20.00 per person ($15.00 lineage and $5.00 prize money). Please note that prize money is guaranteed. (ie. If you miss a day of bowling, you must still pay your prize money)

-League wind-up and awards will be done on June 22nd.

-The league will bowl 9 weeks: April 27th to June 22nd / 2023 

-Call 403-252-5747 or email  to enter.

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Public Bowling hours (subject to change without warning)

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