YBC Rules for Parents and Bowlers

We would like to remind parents and bowlers of a few things that make our YBC league enjoyable for everyone.

Bowling begins promptly at 9 am on Saturdays for Tiny Tots, Pee Wees, Bantams and Juniors and 7 pm on Sundays for Seniors.
The lanes go on 15 minutes before this for practice, so please be at the lanes prior to your shift time.

No food or drink in the bowlers enclosure.
Please keep all food and beverages on the back counters, and please toss your trash in the garbage when you are finished!

Bowlers and coaches only in the bowlers enclosure!
Please help your children understand that they should remain at their lanes during bowling. If for some reason thet need to leave they should advise their coach. Bowlers should remain behind the scoring console until it is their turn to bowl. PARENTS, please enjoy the morning watching your children bowl, from behind the back counters.

Allow the coaches to provide instruction.
Parents, please watch your children bowl without giving extra advice. All of our coaches have completed the required training and are qualified to teach the sport to the children. Contradictions to the coach's advice can be frustrating to both the bowler and the coaches.

No "horsing" around in the bowlers enclosure.
We aim to provide a fun and safe environment for everyone.

Bowling equipment is to remain on the lanes.
Please do not remove house balls from the rack. Some bowlers have their own bowling balls that are intended for their use only.

Please return rental shoes to the main counter after your shift.
And please, untie the laces!

Absent bowlers should pre-bowl for league play.
If you plan to be absent, please arrange to pre-bowl. This helps your child's team standings and it counts toward their "perfect" attendance award.

PRE-BOWLING HOURS ARE MONDAY TO THURSDAY, 3:30 PM TO 6:00 PM. (excluding holidays)

Please ensure that bowlers respect the lanes, equipment and their fellow bowlers.
We want everyone to learn how to bowl properly and enjoy the sport! All bowlers and their parents are expected to conduct themselves in such a way that everyone can enjoy the league. Encourage good sportsmanship, cooperation and camaraderie!

Foul language, temper tantrums and abuse of equipmant
(ball racks, foul lights, walls, chairs, scoring equipment, etc) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!

Bowlers can be held liable for any damage caused as a result of bowler negligence or conduct!

Failure to abide by "House Rules" can result in loss of priveleges.

Chinook Bowladrome is a smoke free environment.

Your cooperation is appreciated!


5 Pin Bowling was invented in 1909 by Tommy Ryan.