7 to 9 Strikes In A Row

7 Strikes In A Row

Jenn Ladan – Calgary Masters

Jeff Kusko – Mavericks

Paul Bruneau – Mavericks

Brad Krisa – Civic

Cory Knox – Mavericks

Rick Krahn – Calgary Masters

Dennis Arndt – HRC

Kyle Greggain – Calgary Masters

Pete Neiland – Straight Shooters

Matt Dekker – Straight Shooters

Jorden Short – Mavericks

Trevor Watt – Calgary Masters

Rob Wolfson – Calgary Masters

8 Strikes In A Row

Dallas Phillips – Civic

AJ Gavinski – Calgary Masters

Ron Beisick – Mavericks

Chase Taylor – Calgary Masters

9 Strikes In A Row

Trent Connery – Calgary Masters

Patti Chisholm – Civic



Public Bowling Hours

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